Friday, 21 August 2020 by Phil Hassall

Paul Marston, one of Australia's most experienced and successful bridge players and teachers, offers on line lessons. 

Follow this link if you are ready to take up bridge:

Bridge Lounge - Introduction to Bridge registration

This is an initiative in support of bridge clubs all around the country, supported by the Australian Bridge Federation

Four lessons at on Tuesdays; each lesson will be a little over an hour. There will also be practice sessions on Thursdays, 40 minutes each. When players sign up, they will be asked for their postcode. This is so we can put them together with people from the same area. This will work well if they want to go to a nearby bridge club after the course, or if they simply want to meet up.

Each lesson will include a play component. The lessons will be conducted on Zoom and the play on BBO. Both components are essential to making a success of the course.