Regular bridge sessions

    1. Thursday evening 7.00pm Duplicate, until about 9pm. UNLESS INSUFFICIENT NUMBERS
    2. Saturday afternoon 1.00pm Duplicate, until about 4.30pm.
    3. Tuesday morning 10am Duplicate until about 1:30pm. UNLESS INSUFFICIENT NUMBERS
    4. Sunday 4 - 6pm "Supervised Play". No partner required.

Cost is $8 for visitors and $5 for club members on Saturdays and Tuesdays. This includes tea / coffee / biscuits and cheese.
$3 for members and $5 for visitors on Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. Includes tea / coffee / biscuits but no cheese.

All sessions are held at the Over 50s club room, Wills Terrace (opposite the Todd Tavern, at the northern end of Todd Mall). Players younger than 50 also welcome. For Duplicate sessions please arrive before start time. 

Note:  Partners are necessary for Duplicate Sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and it's good to check whether we expect sufficient numbers to play, so if you are a visitor please ring 89524061 or 0409 677 356 (Eileen) or 89523280 (Stephanie) and we will endeavour to find a partner for you!

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